Psychological support is necessary to ensure that a person’s emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs are met. All of these are essential elements of positive human development. Many things can have an impact on an individual’s psychosocial well-being. This includes poverty, conflict, neglect, abuse and chronic illness. Likewise, traumatic events such as the illness and death of parents, violence and exploitation, stigma and discrimination, isolation and loneliness, and lack of adult support and guidance can also affect one’s welfare. Proper psychosocial support helps children and their families to overcome these challenges by helping them develop coping mechanisms, trust and hope for the future. EWRF acknowledges that accessibility to psychosocial support for the Malaysian Indian community is very limited and steps have been taken to engage an experienced and certified counsellor who will be able to provide the necessary services and referrals when necessary. We have also established a rapport with other stakeholders to ensure that the holistic needs of clients are met.

Aims & Objectives

  • To ensure accessibility to psychosocial support for those in need to overcome their personal, academic and social problems in order to excel in life.
  • To enhance quality psychological counselling and support services to a wide coverage of people.

For both 2011&2012, 1368 tele-counseling calls and 306 walk-in counseling were recorded.

Future Plans

In line with EWRF’S Strategic plan 2013-2015, a frame work for the expansion of psychosocial counselling is being developed and we aim to set up 5 centres nationwide with professional counsellors.

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