This is an innovative programme which acts as a crime prevention plan as well as a tool to instill positive values among high-risk young Malaysian Indians. CSI was launched in 2010, and has managed to reach out to 8 schools throughout the nation and benefitted 430 students in its first year. 2011 saw an increase in the number of schools taking up this ambitious endeavour, thus reaching out to more than 600 students. With the support of school teachers, academically-challenged students will be identified and subsequently undergo this 22-week program.

Aims & Objectives
To address the social behaviour and education level of the underachievers, to reduce the crime rate as well as to instill a positive attitude among the Indian youth.

Intervention method

a) Sports activities

Outdoor activities such as sports (football, netball, Silambam, Kabbadi, etc) will help students explore their talents. Professional coaches will be identified and engaged to coach the students in their respective fields. These activities are expected to inculcate discipline, sportsmanship and team work among these underprivileged students.

b) Character building activities

This component aims to instill positive values, build self-esteem, confidence and coping skills among students. In a nutshell, it aims to promote personal and social growth of individuals who have potential, and in doing so reduce physical, mental, emotional and social impairment which can result in anti-social behaviour. Experiential learning activities (ELA) that combine fun and exploration will be used on a weekly basic to increase self awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship management and also enhance effective decision making.

c) Camps

These 2-3 day camps will combine the elements of fun, teamwork, exploration and nature with some degree of motivation built into it. The purpose of this activity is to inculcate positive messages that include fun without negative elements such as drugs, sex, alcohol, smoking and so forth. These activities are also expected to build camaraderie among the participants, as well as with the facilitators/coordinators.


Six students from the Sungai Siput Centre who had gone through the CSI programme participated in the 2011 SUKMA Games in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur in Silambam. They won 1 silver medal and 4 bronze medals. 12 out of 23 students from the Klang Centre who had gone through the CSI programme successfully enrolled in ILP (Institut Latihan Perindustrian) a skills training institute.  

Training of Trainers for Civil Society Intervention

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CSI Opening Ceremony

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CSI Parents Briefing

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CSI Team Now on Board

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