Despite various efforts by the government, small segments of the society are still living in deplorable conditions compared to the rest of the Malaysians. They have none or very little access to basic necessities and conducive living environment remains exclusive. EWRF in collaboration with ASTRO launched the “Kannadi” program to highlight their struggles in an effort to open the eyes of Malaysian Indians that all is not well with the community and many are in need of various basic essentials. Contributions from the public  paved way for formulation of practical solutions to alleviate the hardship faced by these families. EWRF staff and volunteers from numerous branches continue to monitor the progress and provide necessary support.

After completing Season 3, EWRF charts on the plan to continue this project under the EWRF Welfare banner. Till date, 36 families have benefitted from this endeavour.

Aims & Objectives

To  assist the poor and needy with necessary support and assistance in the form of financial and  material aid and referrals.

Intervention Methods

Every case will be assessed by Project Officers or the Task Force members to have a better understanding of  clients’ needs. Some of the areas assessed are:

  • Understanding the present family conditions  and the back ground of the family
  • Assessing the financial background of the family
  • Determining the specifics of the assistance/support required
  • Determining the duration of assistance/support
  • Following up – clients are consulted and involved in decision making at all times.

We have so far helped 36 families to improve their lives with financial and material aid. In 2011, we provided assistance / support to 12 families. Some of the cases are highlighted below.

Monitoring & Evaluation 

Upon implementation of the solutions, the family is monitored on a monthly basis. In some cases, the case will be closed upon a specific intervention and some cases require long term assistance and monitoring. The monitoring will be done monthly by the EWRF branches and quarterly by the EWRF HQ


If you would like to do your bit to help, please send your donations to help the families under welfare. You can direct your funds to the following bank account:

Name of Bank: CIMB

Account Number: 1431 000  6250 053

Account Name: EWRF Fund