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Get Involved

In a world rich in resources, poverty and related challenges can be avoided. We at EWRF can and are determined to overcome it – with your help of course. You too can now be a stakeholder in the future of this underprivileged group of people. For instance, a proper education and life skills for these children can provide hope and offer a lifeline to a brighter future out of the continuous cycle of hardship and negative elements.

By getting involved in EWRF’s initiative, you will be gifting poor and vulnerable children hope and opportunity to live a better life in the future, preventing aimless youths from drifting into a life of crime and violence, and offering a lifeline to others who so badly need assistance and guidance to live a dignified life.

You can make a difference by

  1. Donating to our social transformation initiatives
  2. Volunteer in our nationwide social transformation initiatives

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