Medic Aid & Welfare

Started six years ago, the Medic Aid and Welfare initiative have had very positive implications on the recipients. Although our outreach is to a small group of people, the impact on their lives is noteworthy. With twin objectives of: To assist the poor and needy in the right direction on a case-to-case basis. To provide […]


Research has been one of the key initiatives of EWRF since it’s the inception. Numerous research papers were published and presented to the government over the years. The results of these research people will be used as the basis for EWRF’s outreach programmes and the development of its training modules. This would enable the development […]

Community Development Scholarship

Community Development Scholarship Programme empowers students from B40 families by providing a platform to enhance students’ professional development skills to prepare them for future success. EWRF has a stringent vetting process to assess these students and only the deserving ones are recommended for consideration. The selected students are required to fulfil community service hours with […]


Counselling remains EWRF’s core supporting activity. In 2018, 93 students were given counselling help, emphasise on support to ensure that the emotional and behavioural challenges of students are addressed. Appropriate psychosocial support helps children and their families to overcome challenges like psychosocial well-being, including poverty, conflict, neglect, abuse and chronic illness. EWRF worked closely with […]

Volunteer Induction Programme (VIP)

The goal was to introduce EWRF and its activities to freshly recruited volunteers as well as to create an interactive activity for the existing volunteers. Volunteers are an integral part of the delivery of EWRF’s programmes. To develop a group of strongly committed volunteers to facilitate the community development programs conducted by EWRF in order […]

Skill Training Initiative (STI)

STI programme is aimed at increasing the number of participation of Malaysian Indian Youth those fall in B40 category within Government Skill Training institution nationwide. EWRF’s goal to emplace as many qualified students through our traditional partners which include Concerned Graduates Team (CUMIG) through their IPTA My 1st Choice initiative. Create awareness among Indian youth […]

Centre For Career Coaching & Guidance (C3G)

Centre for Career Coaching and Guidance (C3G) aims to provide career guidance and counselling for students and job seekers to assist them to develop an action plan and set goals in their chosen careers. EWRF adopts the john Holland Personality Test to conduct interactive and experimental C3G workshops are conducted for students from Form 1 […]

English For Juniors (E4J)

English For Juniors or E4J was started in the year 2009 to address the issue of poor literacy in the English language among the National Type Tamil school students. Primary school students will be immersed in a 3-hour session every week with the objective of learning 200 new English words. Students will be engaged through […]

Civil Society Intervention (CSI)

The CSI programme since its initiation in 2009 has been continuously developed to assist youths facing social and financial challenges in their daily lives. To achieve the desired results in reducing the involvement in criminal activities. A specially designed 20-week programme carried out for students which focuses on building character and confidence. Students coming from […]


EWRF, the Educational Welfare Research and Foundation has been involved in the promotion of government-run technical and vocational training institutes since 2008. One of EWRF’s landmark projects, the C3G (Career, Counselling & Guidance) provided good sources of information about careers and courses that can yield large returns by developing the career-related skills, self-awareness and self-esteem […]