STI programme is aimed at increasing the number of participation of Malaysian Indian Youth those fall in B40 category within Government Skill Training institution nationwide.

EWRF’s goal to emplace as many qualified students through our traditional partners which include Concerned Graduates Team (CUMIG) through their IPTA My 1st Choice initiative.

Create awareness among Indian youth on the availability of skills training programmes at ILP and IKBN. The toll-free number is available for students to call and seek guidance before applying at UPU.

Emphasis was also placed on providing post-training counselling and job placement to ensure students who graduated from these institutions were able to secure jobs relevant to their qualifications.

“Jom-ILP” was initiated in 2018 and developed based on EWRF’s years of experience of creating awareness and recruiting students to increase the number of Indian students enrolled in government-run-ILPs in Malaysia and ensure they complete the course.

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