Yayasan Pelajaran, Kebajikan & Penyelidikan Malaysia

 – Nov. 2017

Date: September 17, 2017
Branch: EWRF Rawang
Event: Mini Sports Carnival
Venue: MDHS Field, Serendah

At times, seeing a bunch of 7-year-olds donned in their sports attire and beaming with excitement for their big day could be too much of cuteness to handle. That was the sort of “challenge” EWRF Rawang had to face during the Mini Sports Carnival they organized for their E4J participants.  EWRF Rawang Chairman, Mr. Murugan was glad to see the kids have fun among themselves, the volunteers, parents and teachers. EWRF President, Mr. S. P. Nathan was present to hand certificates and medals to the participants, who just could not stop smiling. We hope more of such initiatives will be taken to instill the sports spirit among students.