Yayasan Pelajaran, Kebajikan & Penyelidikan Malaysia

006PJ01 – Oct. 2017


Date: September 22, 2017

Branch: Petaling Jaya Tamil Youth Bell Club

Event: CSI Drama Competition

Venue: Tan Sri Soma Hall, Kuala Lumpur


The Hassles Faced by Leaders and The Determination to Achieve Their Goal. That was the theme of the drama competition, with an attempt to encourage the CSI students to enhance their acting skills. 137 students from 7 schools participated in the competition. A total of 8 dramas were performed, with household names in the Malaysian film industry, film director Mr. Vijay and actor Mr. Aghotharan taking the judge’s’ seat. A forum titled “Youngsters and Crime” followed, in which Mr. TamiI Inian was the moderator. The panel consisted of EWRF President, Mr. S. P. Nathan, professional counsellor Mr. Bala, Inspector Prasad Money Raj from PDRM and SMK Raja Mahadi teacher Mr. Ilampuranan. “PJM Got Talent”, an online competition organized by the committee was also a part of this event, where students posted clips on Facebook, showcasing their special talent or skills. Winners were selected based on the number of likes coupled with the decision of the jury. SMK Kota Damansara Seksyen 10 emerged as the champions. The Best Actor award went to Kishan Mahathevan from SMK Sri Utama and Christie Jothi Robbert from SMK Kota Damansara S10 respectively.