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Maktab Rendah Sains MARA – MRSM

  Application for Admission to Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Form One Year 2019. An initiative of the Ministry of Rural Development with the support of the Coalition of Indian NGOs. Enable to mix with multiracial and bright minds. Affordable cost for studies, food & beverages and accommodation. Enable to start managing self and being

Community Development Scholarships

  The scholarship initiative by EWRF is essentially to assist students from B40 families who have performed well in their SPM/STPM examinations and have difficulties obtaining a place in institutes of higher learning. EWRF has created synergy with five higher learning institutions and requested for scholarship assistance.

Volunteer Induction Programme (VIP)

Volunteers are a critical support in the implementation of the numerous EWRF Initiatives. EWRF was able to mobilise almost 400 volunteers in 2017. The VIP is a training programme formulated to teach and guide prospective volunteers on their role when interacting with the students on the ground. They become effective agents in reaching out to

English for Juniors (E4J)

E4J, previously known as the English Enrichment Programme, aims to enhance English language proficiency among students in Tamil-medium primary schools. A 20-week programme, it focuses on verbal fluency, reading, writing and listening skills. Multiple stimulating and effective activities are used to induce learning, understanding and usage of the English Language.  

Centre for Career Coaching & Guidance (C3G)

Most students find themselves in a state of confusion and dilemma about what to do after secondary school. EWRF comes in, to assist them with relevant information on how they can pursue a viable career. For students who are not so academically inclined, they are made aware of the option of opting for skills training

Civil Society Intervention (CSI)

CSI is committed to bring opportunities and hope to academically under-performing and socially challenged students from B40 families in 38 districts with high Indian population in Malaysia. This innovative programme provides opportunity for behaviour transformation, building confidence and improving educational levels among secondary school students who vulnerable and at risk of being dropping out and

Skills training institutions (STI)

Skills training institutions nationwide offer a good platform for students to hone their technical skills in various sectors such as welding, automotive, IT etc. EWRF plays a key role in spreading awareness on the availability of such programmes in such local skills training institutions. EWRF, through STI engages with deserving students and refers them to

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Research initiatives to address pressing issues on education particularly about those that relates to academically underperforming students and conduct evaluation of all EWRF’s flagship programmes. Findings from these researches contributes to development of modules and address needs of our beneficiaries – underperforming students from B40 families. Relevant evidence based recommendations have been forwarded to the


Counselling forms an integral component of EWRF’s initiatives by providing opportunity for students in confidence, about things that are worrying them or affecting their day to day life. By supporting the emotional health, counselling helps to make it easier for them to build healthy relationships and learn within the environment they live in. To ensure

Medic Aid & Welfare

Medical Aid and Welfare Project was set up in 2010 to provide financial aid and linkage with Government welfare schemes to B40 families with medical and welfare related challenges. Despite various efforts by the Government, small segments of society are still living in deplorable conditions compared to the rest of Malaysia. They have none or