Yayasan Pelajaran, Kebajikan & Penyelidikan Malaysia

Our Recorded History

Annual Reports

Our annual reports highlights our nonprofit’s mission and impact, thank volunteers and supporters, and allows future donors and contributors understand how they can help the organisation. 

EWRF Research

Research has always been one of the key initiatives of EWRF since it’s inception. Numerous research papers were published and presented to the government over the years.


Our IMPACT Newsletters are how we keep our supporters, beneficiaries, stakeholders and the community in the know of what, when, why and how we are doing the work we do, serving the community and people we serve.

Media Releases

Our Media Releases are a record of when what we do catches an eye or ear of the mainstream media, we are always looking for ways to give a shout out so more can join our cause and make the difference we all want to see for a brighter future.