Date: October 8, 2017
Branch: EWRF HQ
Event: Charity Golf Gathering
Venue: Valencia Golf Course

Impressed by the praiseworthy work that we have been doing with at risk students, Valencia Residents Association held a small golf gathering to aid our efforts. 20 players formed 5 fourballs to play a texas scramble team event. Team Kawasaki emerged as the winners and prizes were sponsored by the Valencia Residents Association, Revozport, MST Golf, Asia Jet and Dabbsy’s Café. With a charge of RM50 per player, a total amount of RM600 was raised from this inaugural event. In addition to that, a young lady (who wished to be anonymous) donated RM1,000 on her 30th birthday. The next gathering is set to be on the 2nd of December. We hope that this will become a regular event.