Civil Society Intervention (CSI)

A 20 week programme designed to transform lives by building character


Character Building Through Behavior Transformation

Character Building Through Behavior Transformation

What is the CSI Programme All About?

CSI, short for Civil Society Intervention is an innovative program which acts as a crime prevention plan among the Indian youths with a specific aim to reduce crime rate and improve positive attitudes. Students will be exposed to character building, sports activities, and empowerment camps during the 20 weeks program. This long-term intervention produces better impact as opposed to short term or one off program that usually targets this specific population. Besides that, students would be exposed to the importance of social consciousness by getting involved in community service activities such as, visits to prison, welfare homes, old folks home and drug rehabilitation centre which also acts as a deterrent for these young people from getting involved in criminal activities.

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20 Weeks


All over Malaysia


Lower Secondary School Children

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